Sunday, November 04, 2012

My first impression about Siem Reap [Saving mode]

Siem Reap is the capital city of Siem Reap Province in northwestern Cambodia and being a popular tourist destination which has a large number of ancient places, hotels, restaurants and night clubs. Frankly, I'm not going to cover all those places, because it would takes me days to do so and I think it might be boring you to read the rest of the story or you can find the link on Wikipedia attached above. However, I'm still going to give you my unique impression about Siem Reap of my second visiting.

The first time I came here, about 10 years ago, everything was free for me because my parents covered everything for me. But this time is different, I came here because I got selected to join an event organized by Blogfest which is gathered people all around asia to the same place, that's why it's my awesome experiment to be on tour with some new foreigners who is joining the same event as me.

When I first arrived Siem Reap this time, the most weirdest surprising thing I have noticed about Siem Reap is the price between food and beverage. If you have a chance to visit Siem Reap and you put yourself in a saving mode :D, this is one of the most important basic traveling tip you have to know about. Here, you can find the food is really cheap, I don't mention about the food in the restaurants but street restaurants around Old market. You can find fried rice seafood or fried rice beef with just 1.25$. It's like the price of a bottle of fresh water. But one thing you should be careful about is beverage. If you are having a bowl of fried rice seafood, you should drink just water, which is free, or order a bottle of water which costs just 0.25$, but I suggest you shouldn't order other beverage like coke or lemon juice. It will cost you 1$, nearly the same price as the food, which in a Mart costs just 0.5$ or less in a normal store.

Alright, this is my unique tip for those want to visit Siem Reap with limited budget (saving mode is turned on). More tips will be available after the next few days of my discovery.

Here is how my discovery went:


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