Friday, July 06, 2012

[Microsoft] Windows 8 UI should be like this

I came across a website this morning and was really surprised by a guy, I assumed that he is a guy, named Sputnik8 posted a series of Windows UI concept designs on The Verge. This changes the new interface concept, yet they clearly build on existing Microsoft design conventions, most notably “Metro“. The scroll bar and color scheme look like Ubuntu, but I really really love it and just wish Microsoft could take their smart business ideas into this true Metro UI (Not like windows 8, beside metro apps, everything is just like windows 7)

See full gallery here:

Windows Explorer

Internet Explorer

Windows Media Center (Windows Mode)


This new UI has been driving many people crazy, some of them even asked for a link to download the theme. Unfortunately, this is just concept images, not a theme. I love everything in this new UI. The close, maximize, minimize button looks awesome. The menu and buttons are big enough to be touched on tablets. The windows explorer is simple but elegance without having a lot of messy menus like Windows 7 or 8. The taskbar is just big enough for an improvement. A redesign like this could finally make Windows a truly desirable platform. I can't wait to see this exist.


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